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SOTABEAMS Band Hopper Antennas

A short instructional video for the popular SOTABEAMS Band Hopper, High Hopper and Supa-Lite dipole antennas.

Drive-on Stand for Antenna Masts

Drive-on Stand for Antenna Masts

Wirewinders from SOTAbeams

Our Wirewinders make deploying portable HF antennas so much easier!

Binaural demo - WOLFWAVE

Must listen using stereo headphones to hear the effect. This is one of several binaural modes that are implemented in WOLFWAVE. All are fully adjustable!

How to erect an HF aerial in less than 2 minutes

Richard G3CWI demonstrates on Grisedale Pike.

WOLFWAVE Noise Reduction and Bandpass Filtering

WOLFWAVE Noise Reduction and Bandpass Filtering

ContestConsole for ICOM from SOTABEAMS

A quick look at the facilities of the ContestConsole from SOTABEAMS. It's not just for contests; it provides a range of facilities that will be great for all ICOM users. Works with a wide range of ...

WSPRlite - accessing DXplorer

How to get Premium Mode in Dxplorer

WSPRlite Flexi or Classic? How to choose?

A short video explaining the differences between the two WSPRlite versions