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Versatile Top Insulators

Our top insulators can be used for all sorts of things! check out the video.

Wirewinders from SOTAbeams

Our Wirewinders make deploying portable HF antennas so much easier!

SOTAbeams Walking Pole Guying Kit

If you operate portable using wire antennas on 80m or 160m, this is for you!

Mountain Tuner

Mountain Tuner

Portable Operating Tips from Gun G/SP-013

A short video highlighting some of the techniques that Richard, G3CWI uses during a typical SOTA activation.

WOLFWAVE CW Regenerator

A demonstration of the WOLFWAVE CW regeneration system

SOTABEAMS Band Hopper Antennas

A short instructional video for the popular SOTABEAMS Band Hopper, High Hopper and Supa-Lite dipole antennas.

SOTAbeams Powerpoles Easy-Fit Kit

Richard G3CWI of SOTAbeams describes the Easy-Fit Kit.

Testing Toroidal Antenna Traps

Comparison of trap testing methods