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SOTAbeams Powerpoles Easy-Fit Kit

Richard G3CWI of SOTAbeams describes the Easy-Fit Kit.

The SOTAbeams Multi Function Dipole

Richard G3CWI describes the SOTAbeams 2m Multi Function Dipole. No longer stocked.

Soldering Powerpole connectors the SOTAbeams way

Richard G3CWI of SOTAbeams shows how to solder Powerpole connectors. Note that for professional applications we recommend crimping these connectors using a proper crimpin...

Guying collars from SOTABEAMS

A short video showing the 22mm and 34mm guying rigs from SOTABEAMS. Cameo performance from our Mini Carabiners.

ContestConsole for ICOM from SOTABEAMS

A quick look at the facilities of the ContestConsole from SOTABEAMS. It's not just for contests; it provides a range of facilities that will be great for all ICOM users. Works with a wide range of ...

Openwire spacers from SOTABEAMS

A brief intro to the open wire spacers available from SOTABEAMS

Wirewinders from SOTAbeams

Our Wirewinders make deploying portable HF antennas so much easier!

Richard at SOTAbeams discusses Liquid Electrical Tape

Liquid Electrical Tape is a brush on rubberised compound that sets to give an impervious high resistance coating. It is ideal for protecting your investment in antennas, feeders and connectors. htt...

SOTABEAMS Band Hopper Antennas

A short instructional video for the popular SOTABEAMS Band Hopper, High Hopper and Supa-Lite dipole antennas.