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SOTABEAMS 30ft Travel Mast

SOTAbeams 30 foot telescopic Travel Mast

Tactical 7000hds heavy-duty antenna mast

The Tactical 7000hds heavy-duty antenna mast from SOTABEAMS Details ***Also available from DX Engineering in the USA***

Speech processor for the FT-817/897/857 - SOTABEAMS

A short video showing how speech processing makes an SSB signal louder

SOTAbeams Walking Pole Guying Kit

If you operate portable using wire antennas on 80m or 160m, this is for you!

Comparison of the filters in an FT-897D and a LASERBEAM filter

Demonstrating a LASERBEAM filter

Showing how the tuning LED makes using the narrow filter easy. See the SSB and CW LASERBEAM filters at

NOTE: we supply just the modules. The box is just a mountin...


SOTABEAMS Go4Lo audible SWR indicator Kit

SOTABEAMS Adventure Tuner

The Adventure Tuner is a lightweight rugged antenna matching network.


Demonstrating the BOXA-LOAD HF dummy load from SOTABEAMS